Metal spinning a great process with low tooling cost

Image of Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is an old process that fundamentally has not changed all that much since it was introduced into the manufacturing process. The process uses a tool that becomes the inside form of your part. This tool looks like the part that is being made. In the spinning process, the metal blank is pressed against […]

What can brazing do for you?

Image of Brazing

Brazing would seem like a simple process, but it is inherently complex. Brazing is typically used to join either thin wall materials of the same type or because it allows the joining of dissimilar metals in the process. There are two basic forms of brazing: dip brazing and oven brazing. Your specific application will dictate […]

Have you ever thought about trying luge?

Image of Luge

So where in the world do these luge “experts” come from anyway? Luge is not exactly like baseball or football at the local high school. So how does someone get into the sport? The answer is simple: You try it. USA Luge has several events coming up this winter season and anyone of the proper […]

Holy Macaroni, Batman! Vulcan does it again!

Image of Macaroni and Cheese Vulcan GMS

Vulcan GMS is a Milwaukee-based company with more than 35 years of roots in our community. Vulcan has always given back to our community and, in recent years, we have teamed up with the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee to help feed local families in need. In 2013, Vulcan GMS made a donation of 3,200 […]

Considerations for Radioactive Shipping Pigs and Systems

Image of Shipping Pigs

When designing radioactive shipping packages, there are several key elements that need to be considered. There are many considerations when developing a shipping pig and transport system for that pig. Oftentimes the entire scope of the needs and design are not considered even though they are critical to ensure that the pig and over pack […]

3D Printing for Any Application – Even Halloween?

Image of 3D Printed Skull

3D printing has come a long way and the detail that can be attained is amazing. 3D printed parts begin as 3D models from a modeling software such as Solidworks. This software allows the user to construct a part or object on a computer in a three-dimensional world instead of the old 2D from years […]

Lead batteries most recycled products in the world

Image of Lead Battery

Lead is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world. Today 80 percent of the world’s total consumption of lead is in the use of lead acid batteries where the primary demand is in the automobile industry. The battery has had a great track record of recycling. Since 98 percent of battery components […]

The origin of our name Vulcan GMS

Image of V for Vulcan GMS

People often ask if Vulcan GMS was named after Star Trek and we can assure you that is not the case. The name Vulcan actually comes from ancient Roman mythology. The god Vulcan (the Greek deity Hephaestus) was the god of fire, metalworking and craftsmanship. Vulcan was the son of Zeus and Hera and he […]

Supply chain and kitting solutions reduce waste costs

Image of Sample Part

These days businesses are trying to run as lean as possible and therefore more demands are placed on the employees. When it comes to keeping your business running, the requirements are pretty simple from your supply chain. You require good products, on time with the flexibility of suppliers to work with you. All too often […]

Welcome to the new Vulcan GMS website!

Image of New Vulcan GMS Website

Over the past 9 months, Vulcan GMS has been building a new website and we are happy to say it is complete! Please visit the site to check out all the new areas, information and  details about our company. This site is four times larger than our old site and it has lots of great […]