Contract manufacturers should be communicators, creative thinkers

Image of Contract Manufacturers

Back in the 70s, 80s and early 90s, contract manufacturing was everywhere in the U.S. as a staple of the economy. During the last 20 years, many contract manufacturers have gone out of business; unlike that which we have seen before. This forces the question: Why? Is it due to the market downturns? Is it […]

Lead wire usage largest in ammunition market

Image of Lead Wire

Lead wire is used in several applications; but today it’s used most in the ammunition market. This lead wire is produced by an extrusion press to a specific diameter typically placed on spools or drums. The lead wire is then cut into cores, which are simply lengths of wire cut to a specific length. These […]

Vulcan Gives Back

Image of Chuck Yanke, Daniel Mercado and Renee Logee

Vulcan GMS is committed to supporting the community. Vulcan recently held its third annual bowling tournament with all donations and funds raised going to the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. Vulcan had a great turnout for the event and is looking forward to next year’s fundraiser. In the photo, Chuck Yanke (Vulcan GMS CEO), Daniel […]

Tin (Sn) and its uses

Image of Tin

Tin is a soft dense metal that can be produced using several manufacturing techniques. It is frequently extruded to produce plating anodes or solder but there are other options for tin manufacturing such as casting. Of all the uses of tin, solder makes up 50 percent of the total world use of tin. Plating follows […]

What is the Dodd-Frank Act?

Image of Dodd-Frank Act

The Dodd-Frank Act is legislation put into place to eliminate human abuse in regions of the world that use natural resources to fund conflict. It was born out of the 2008 recession. In the Congo, rebel forces and others have taken control of mines to force human labor to extract these minerals in inhumane conditions […]

Why would lead or tungsten be used in aircraft?

Image of Aerospace Counter Weights

Airplanes and helicopters are supposed to be light weight, right? Engineers spend countless hours designing light-weight composites and metal alloys to be high in strength but ultra light in weight for aircraft. Metals continue to be reviewed and optimized to increase strength while reducing aircraft weights. So why would materials such as lead or tungsten be used in […]

The many radiation shielding options offered by Vulcan GMS

Image of Radiation Shielding

Vulcan GMS offers many different radiation material shielding options. Radiation shielding is a key element of many different types of medical, security and inspection equipment. Shielding keeps the radiation contained or acts as collimation to focus the radiation where it is needed. Many people think of only lead when it comes to shielding; but there […]

How does metal spinning work?

Image of Metal Spinning New

Metal spinning is the process of metalworking where a piece of metal is rotated at high speed to be cut and formed into a specific part. Vulcan GMS uses metal spinning to create customized asymmetrical machine parts. Metal spinning has been around for thousands of years. In fact, image evidence shows that ancient Egyptians used […]

What does an X-ray tube housing do?

Image of X-ray tube housing

X-Ray tube housings are a key component to an X-ray system or CT machine. The X-Ray tube produces the radiation (X-ray) needed to conduct the imaging, but what does the x-ray housing do? X-ray housing performs a few key functions. First, the X-ray housing needs to contain and focus those X-rays. An X-ray tube simply […]

Doe Run closure will affect pure virgin lead supply

Image of Doe Run Herculaneum

Doe Run, a major producer of lead in the United States operating multiple sites, mines and refining operations, has announced that it will be shutting down its Herculaneum, Mo., location to be repurposed for future use. As a result, the production of 99.99 percent pure virgin lead will no longer be supplied by Doe Run. […]