How does metal spinning work?

Image of Metal Spinning New

Metal spinning is the process of metalworking where a piece of metal is rotated at high speed to be cut and formed into a specific part. Vulcan GMS uses metal spinning to create customized asymmetrical machine parts. Metal spinning has been around for thousands of years. In fact, image evidence shows that ancient Egyptians used […]

What does an X-ray tube housing do?

Image of X-ray tube housing

X-Ray tube housings are a key component to an X-ray system or CT machine. The X-Ray tube produces the radiation (X-ray) needed to conduct the imaging, but what does the x-ray housing do? X-ray housing performs a few key functions. First, the X-ray housing needs to contain and focus those X-rays. An X-ray tube simply […]

Doe Run closure will affect pure virgin lead supply

Image of Doe Run Herculaneum

Doe Run, a major producer of lead in the United States operating multiple sites, mines and refining operations, has announced that it will be shutting down its Herculaneum, Mo., location to be repurposed for future use. As a result, the production of 99.99 percent pure virgin lead will no longer be supplied by Doe Run. […]

Vulcan’s new 6S method starts with safety in manufacturing

Image of Safety

These days, many organizations use terms such as “lean” and “5S” in their manufacturing process but what does that mean exactly? 5S is a workplace organizational method that was developed in Japan to promote efficiencies in manufacturing. It is a visual based system of organizing, layout and cleanliness, which results in greater productivity and quality. […]

How to understand the price for lead

Image of London Metal Exchange

Lead material prices have traditionally been based on the LME, which stands for London Metals Exchange. The LME tracks metal prices and operates warehousing to hold various metals for release to the market. The LME has been the source used to benchmark metal prices to the market. The LME price was the base and then […]

How does antimony improve lead-based castings?

Image of Antimony

Antimony (Sb) is an element that is blended in with metals such as lead to create different alloys. In lead-based alloys, antimony is added in the range of 1/2 percent to 12 percent and most commonly it is used in a range of 1/2 percent to 6 percent antimony and the balance of the alloy […]

Vulcan GMS CEO Chuck Yanke to discuss Olympic luge involvement on WTMJ radio

Image of Olympic Rings

Vulcan GMS CEO Chuck Yanke will be interviewed live on Milwaukee’s WTMJ 620 am radio today (Feb. 12) at 5:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. Yanke will be discussing the company’s involvement with the United States Olympic luge team. For the past 20 years, Vulcan GMS has been the exclusive supplier of aerodynamic lead weights to […]

Vulcan supplies aerodynamic lead weights to U.S. Olympic luge team

Image of Olympic Luge Team

During the last 20 years, Vulcan GMS has been the exclusive supplier of aerodynamic lead weights to the U.S. Olympic luge team. Our weights have been used in every Olympic competition since 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway. Luge is the fastest sport on ice; reaching speeds over 80 mph. In the Olympics, it is the only […]

Vulcan doubles capacity for plate and sheet machined products with new CNC router

Image of CNC Router

Vulcan GMS continues to invest in our future through our employees and our equipment. Vulcan has added a new computer controlled shaping machine or CNC router which doubles our capacity for plate and sheet machined products.  This new CNC router has a 5 foot by 10 foot vacuum table and allows us to machine sheet […]

Vulcan GMS adds 3D printer to its prototype workflow system

Image of 250mc 3D printer

As manufacturing companies look to speed up the time to develop prototypes and therefore also increase the development of actual products, a challenge arises. Vulcan GMS is proud to meet that challenge with the addition of the Fortus 250mc 3D printer to its product development workflow. This brand new 3D printer is able to produce […]